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Browser Recommendations

Orchard Software Corporation recommends using version 9 or later of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser when using Orchard Copia. To obtain a copy of Internet Explorer, visit We also recommend using the latest version of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser. Visit to obtain a copy of Firefox.

Signing into Orchard Copia

To sign into the program, perform the following:

  1. Enter your user name and password in the corresponding fields.
  2. Click the Sign In button.
    Note that you must have the necessary security settings before you can access Copia. These settings also determine what functions you can perform (browse results, enter orders, etc.). Your Copia System Administrator is responsible for security and access.
  3. Depending on your entry, one of the following happens:
  4. Click the Help button on the Sign In page to open the Copia Information page, which generally contains primary/secondary support contacts, hours for support, and email or phone contact information. See the Program Information topic.
  5. After you sign in, you may click the Help button in the upper right corner of any Copia page for additional help on using Copia. Once you have opened the help, the Contents, Index, and Search tabs appear in the left portion of the help page. Click the link for the Help on Help topic, which is one of the first topics listed in the Contents, for additional information on using online help. See the Help on Help topic.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PRIVACY: If you leave Copia open for an extended period of time with no activity, you will be automatically signed out and required to sign in again. This prevents unauthorized access to your account, but it does not prevent someone from viewing the information currently on the page. Remember to protect the privacy of your patients by signing out and closing Copia when you are done with the program.

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